What do we want you to know about SUSHI

As a sushi chef (Chef Owner Carlos Zheng), I take great pride in creating the perfect sushi experience for my customers. To me, the secret to making the best sushi is using the highest quality and fresh ingredients and applying skillful preparation techniques.
When selecting the fish, I carefully inspect each one to ensure it’s fresh and of the best quality. I then meticulously slice the fish to the perfect thickness, so it complements the rice’s texture and taste. The rice is equally essential and requires the right amount of vinegar seasoning and cooling to achieve the ideal consistency.
As for the presentation, it’s an art form. The sushi must be beautifully arranged on the plate, with colors and textures that balance and complement each other. Presentation is a vital part of the sushi experience, and I aim to create a visual feast for my customers.
When it comes to enjoying sushi, it’s all about the details. I always encourage my customers to use chopsticks to appreciate the texture and taste. The soy sauce should be used sparingly, as it can easily overpower the sushi’s flavor. Eating the sushi in one bite is essential to experience the perfect combination of flavors and textures. I always love to see my customers savoring the taste of my creations and exploring the range of sushi types.
As a owner, I strive to create the perfect sushi experience for my customers. The key ingredients to making the best sushi are top-quality ingredients, skillful preparation, and beautiful presentation. To enjoy sushi to the fullest, use chopsticks, dip in soy sauce sparingly, eat in one bite, and savor the taste.

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